S1341-12281 J05C JO5T JO5C CRANKSHAFT Engine Parts Crank Shaft

S1341-12281 J05C JO5T JO5C CRANKSHAFT Engine Parts Crank Shaft

S1341-12281 J05C JO5T JO5C CRANKSHAFT Engine Parts Crank Shaft

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hino
Certification: TS 16949
Model Number: S1341-12281

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Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Price: 90
Packaging Details: Woody Packaging
Delivery Time: within 5 days after receive payment.
Payment Terms: T/T, WESTERN UNION, L/C, D/C
Supply Ability: In Stock
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: S1341-12281 J05C/JO5T JO5C CRANKSHAFT More Engine Parts: Cylinder Head Repair Diesel Engine Parts Con Rod Crankshaft Bearing What Is A Crankshaft Callies Cra

S1341-12281 J05C JO5T JO5C CRANKSHAFT Engine Parts Crank Shaft

S1341-12281 J05C JO5T JO5C CRANKSHAFT Engine Parts Crank Shaft

OEM Parts: engine four supporting, and piston, and piston ring, and cylinder sets, and piston pin, and copper sets, and crankshaft, and Rod, and crankshaft w, and Rod w, and into exhaust door, and overhaul package, and cylinder pad, and oil seal, and catheter, and block circle, and flywheel, and spray nozzle, and direction power pump, and Turbo Booster players, and pumps, and machine pump, and Starter, and generator, and clutch players tablets, and clutch players pressure disc, and gearbox a axis, and gear, and tooth ring, and tooth sets, and synchronization players, accessories.
Disassembly: engine cylinder head, cylinder, crankshaft, connecting rod, an eccentric shaft, oil pans, intake and exhaust manifolds, Turbo, water pump, oil pump, high pressure pump, rear axle, axle, differential, power take off, flywheels, flywheel, starter, generator, gear, gear ring, Synchronizer, gearbox shell scrap pieces. crank engine crankshaft and camshaft crankshaft and the gear grinders, forged crankshaft cranshaft 350 crankshaft crankshaft damper.

Mitsubishi FUSO:4D30 4D31 4D32 4D33 4D34 6D14 6D15 6D16 6D20 6D22 6D24 6D31 6D34 6D40 6DB1 6DS7 8DC81 8DC90 8DC91 8DC10 8DC11 10DC11 T850 K4N S6K FV415. CrankshaftHino: EF350 EF750 EL100 EP100 F17E F17D F17C F20C F21C H06C H07C H07D J05C J05E J08C J08E P11C K13D K13C E13C V21C V22C V25C V26C W04D W06E. Crankshaft

Isuzu: C240 4BZ1 4BG1 4HE1 4HF1 4HG1 4HK1 4JB1 4JG2 6BB1 6BD1 6BF1 6BG1 6HE1 6HH1 6HK1 6QA1 6RB1 6SA1 6SD1 6UZ1 6WA1 6WF1 6WG1 8PD1 8PE1 10PC1 10PB1 10PD1 10PE1 12PC1 12PD1 12PE1.

Power UD:FD33 FD34 NE6 PE6 RD8 RG8.

Useful tips: The choice of forming process of the crankshaft:

(1) casting using ductile iron casting axis, such as crankshaft, camshaft, etc., mainly USES the normalizing heat treatment processing, in order to improve the axial mechanical properties of quenched and tempered, or may be adopted for surface hardening after normalizing and isothermal quenching process. Ductile iron shaft and forging steel shaft treated by the carbonitriding, the fatigue limit and abrasion resistance increased significantly, compared with forged steel shaft is different and the proceeds from the carbonitriding layer, hardness is taller. Made in nodular cast iron crankshaft, general manufacturing process route as follows:
Casting and normalizing ten high temperature tempering (or normalizing) to straightening to clean up, rough machining, to stress the annealing heat treatment and surface - straightening - finish machining.
(2) casting forging forming the deficiency of the axis of the biggest is its low toughness, when overload or the big shock loading, easy to brittle fracture. Therefore, for shaft strength as the design basis, mostly USES the forging forming. Forging forming in the axis of the commonly used material for medium carbon steel or carbon alloy quenched and tempered steel, forged this kind of material with good performance, with the appropriate heat treatment after forging, can obtain good comprehensive performance, high fatigue strength and wear resistance, effectively improve the ability of shaft resistance to deformation, fracture and wear. According to the shape of the axis of the need to design, combining with the production equipment, production batch, for shaft shape is simple, free forging forming technology, can be used for mass production of complex shape of shaft, is given priority to with model forging. The manufacturing process route is commonly:
Blanking to forging to normalizing, rough machining, conditioning and finish turning to surface quenching and low temperature tempering, grinding.
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