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Good quality STARTER MOTOR for sales
Good quality STARTER MOTOR for sales
Don't know how to comment, but thank you for your good service

—— Rey de jesus

hv been dealing with and u guys are good

—— jean issa


—— Benneth Charles

Im gong to buy again next coming days tks

—— Benneth Charles

es bien

—— Jorge

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A List of Spare Parts
New Pipe (L.Q) Fuso CDA321A114 MC054162
New Pipe (L.Q) Fuso CDA321A113 MC054161
New Pipe (L.Q) Fuso CDA321A131 -
New Pipe (L.Q) Fuso CDA321A110 MC054164
New Pipe (L.P) Fuso CDA321A111 MC054165
New Pipe (L, Q) Fuso CDB321A076 
New HOSE, REF (HP) Fuso CDA324B332 MK405596
New HOSE, REF (LP) Fuso CDA324A282 MK404079
New PIPE (LQ) Fuso CDA321A195 MC967686
New Pipe (HP) Fuso CDA321A210 MK405418
New CDA321A001 ME733065 you Fuso pipe
New Hose (H.P) Fuso CDA324B126 
New Hose (L.P) Fuso CSA324A197BH MC047747
New Pipe (L.P) Fuso CDA321A022 MC021533
New Hose (L.P) Fuso CDA324A125 MC047748
New CDA321A172A MC962489 you Fuso pipe
New HOSE, REF (HP) Fuso CDA324B310 MC967463
New Pipe (L.Q) Fuso CDA321A084 MC047749
New PIPE (LP) Fuso CDA321A172 MC939926
New Rubber hose (H.P) Fuso CDC324B030B 
New Rubber hose (L.P) Fuso CDC324A038A 
New HOSE, REF (HP) Fuso CDB324B294 MC965597
New HOSE, REF (HP) Fuso CDC324B333 MC153376
New HOSE, REF (LQ) Fuso CDC324B211 MC126604
New HOSE, REF (LQ) Fuso CDC324B474 MK352930
New 445120-9911 MK426871 hose, discharge Fuso
New 445240-4932 MK426872 hose, suction Fuso
New 446130-8562 MK426332 you Fuso hose, liquid
New 446130-9190 MK427966 you Fuso hose, liquid
New HOSE (REF, HP) Fuso BBF324B113 MC181300G
New HOSE (LEF, LP) Fuso BBF324A114 MC181298
New PIPE Fuso BBF321A626A MC181315D
New BBF321A625 MC181310 PIPE Fuso
New Hose (L.P) Fuso CSA324A197BG MC047716
New Hose, Suction Hino 445240-8700 88712-25441
New Tube, W / Accessories Hino 446870-1821 S8872-01680
New High-pressure hose UD Trucks 92480-40Z0D 92480-40Z0D
New Low-pressure hose UD Trucks 92490-40Z0A 92490-40Z0A
New Tube Toyota 88710-12511 446250-6970
New Pipe Subaru 534056-9022 S48C-61-J15A
New HOSE, REF (LQ) CAC324B123 7815A104
New HOSE, REF (HP) CAC324B125 7815A021
New HOSE, REF (HP) CAC324B127 7815A022
New HOSE, REF (LP) CAC324A107 7815A023
New Tube CAC006A030C 
New 447600-8080 MK426791 evaporator ASSY Fuso
New CDC311A017 ME733248 you Fuso evaporator
New CDC311A040 ME733454 you Fuso evaporator
New CDA311A029 ME733412 you Fuso evaporator
New CDA311A020 ME733189 you Fuso evaporator
New 447600-1050 S8850-11050 ASSY evaporator Fuso
New CDC311A014 ME733371 you Fuso evaporator
New CDB311A005 ME733224 you Fuso evaporator
New 446010-4181 MK513924 you Fuso evaporator AY, W / parts
New CDA311A018 ME733188 you Fuso evaporator
New CDB311A012 ME733229 EVAPORATOR ASSY Fuso
New CDA311A001 ME733062 evaporator ASSY Fuso
New CDA311A024 ME733192 you Fuso Fuso Great for evaporator
New CDC311A020 ME733373 you Fuso evaporator
New 447600-8080 MK426791 evaporator ASSY Fuso
New Air Bapo aerator 503700-1536 Isuzu 1-83562-080-0
New Evaporator Isuzu 447600-0270 27621-89TA3
New Evaporator 447600-0270 Isuzu 8-97096-606-0
New Evaporator ASSY 503700-2960 Isuzu 8-97178-408-0
New Evaporator AY, W / parts 446010-4181 Isuzu 8-98074-116-0
New Evaporator ASSY Isuzu 503700-2960 27621-89TA7
New Evaporator Isuzu 447600-7410 
New Evaporator AY Hino 447600-6412 88501-37060
New Evaporator UD Trucks 503700-3230 27612-Z9118
New Evaporator ASSY UD Trucks 27612-Z9116 27612-Z9116
New Evaporator ASSY UD Trucks 27612-NY000C 27612-NY000C
New Evaporator ASSY Mazda 503700-3753 S48C-61-J10
New Evaporator ASSY Mazda 503700-3080 S31P-61-J10
New Evaporator AY Toyota 88501-89114 047600-6501
New Evaporator AY Toyota 88501-35021 447600-3360
New Evaporator Toyota 88501-37090 446600-5950
New Evaporator Nissan 503700-3090 
New Evaporator ASSY Nissan 27280-0W713 27280-0W713
New Evaporator ASSY Nissan 503700-3751 27280-HA000
New Nissan evaporator ASSY 503700-4833B 27280-ED000
New EVAPORATOR ASSY Nissan CAC311A071A 27280-6A00A
New Evaporator Nissan 2E02384G01 27411-WK110
New Evaporator ASSY Nissan 503700-5030 27280-VW000
New Evaporator Nissan 503700-2380 27280-86R01
New Evaporator Nissan 503700-1762 27280-86R00
New Eabaporeta AY Subaru 447600-1101 73523AC001
New Evaporator ASSY Subaru 503700-4650 73510TC000
New Evaporator ASSY 503700-3751 MQ905089
New Evaporator AY 446600-1762 7801A148
New Evaporator CAC006A021A. MR500910
New Evaporator CAD311A039B MR298555
New Evaporator AY Daihatsu 446600-7801 88304-B2010
New 447500-2700 MK513177 you Fuso expansion valve
New SSA387B029 ME733265 you Fuso expansion valve
New SSA387B092B ME733425 you Fuso expansion valve
New SSA387B027 MB276281 you Fuso EXP. Valve
New VALVE, EXPANSION Fuso SSA387B097D ME733385
New SSA387B092B. ME733425 you Fuso expansion valve
New Valve, expansion 447500-2940 Isuzu 8-98047-383-0
New Valve, expansion Isuzu 447500-2940 1K00-61-P14
New Expansion valve Isuzu 503714-1501 MK446808
New Valve, expansion Isuzu 447500-2940 88515-60150
New Valve, expansion 447500-3540 Hino 8-97376-121-0
New Valve, expansion Hino 447500-2020 88515-28160
New Valve, expansion Hino 447500-3050 
New Valve, expansion 88515-87602-000 Toyota 047500-1730
New Valve, expansion 447500-3441 Toyota 88515-22240
New Valve, expansion 447500-3070 Toyota 88515-26070
New Valve, expansion 447500-3070 Toyota 88515-12100
New Expansion valve Nissan T1011047TA 92200-1U60A
New Expansion valve Nissan 504714-0180 92200-WJ100
New Expansion valve Nissan 503714-1501 92000-WE401
New Expansion valve SSA387B093 MR175641
New Valve, expansion Daihatsu 447500-3860 88515-B2010
New CSA553A044A ME733585 you Fuso register
New CSA553A044 ME733584 you Fuso register
New CSA555D029 MK565766 you Fuso register
New Register Hino 246810-4130 
New Heater register Toyota 87138-37080 246810-0390
New 077800-0740 heater register other 
New Fan ASSY Fuso CDC401A004A ME733589
New CDC401A004 ME733588 Fan ASSY Fuso
New Fan ASSY Fuso CDC401A024A ME7337272
New CSA431B358 MK509680 FAN, PROPELLER Fuso
New SSA531A074A ME733293 you Fuso thermostat
New SSA531A074 you Fuso thermostat -
New SSA531A037 ME733099 you Fuso thermostat
New Thermostat Isuzu 582551-1700 27293-Z9013
New U001T47173 ME094653 you Fuso starter switch
New U001T11473 ME202899 you Fuso glow relay
New Starter relay Isuzu 8-97264-947-0 8-97264-947-0
New Starting relay Toyota 0590 011 0430 2830 0-1210
New CDA301A024B MC966637 you Fuso Fuso Great for cooling unit
New Core S / A, heater 116420-6092 Toyota 87107-25050
Rebuilt Hino heavy truck radiator Hino 16081-5161 16081-5161
New WP24-180B12 type concrete mixer truck car wash water pump - Other
New WP24-400F4 type concrete mixer for car wash water pump and other 
New U001T45772 ME075970 you Fuso Fuso Fighter for starter relay
New M410X14171 ME701024 sleeve bearings SET Fuso
New M605X77571 ME753258 pinion SET Fuso
New M605X95571 ME701489 pinion SET Fuso
New M649X20771 ME701495 brush holder ASSY Fuso
New MC404016-inch ten SET Fuso Fuso battery hold-down bolt -
New Regulator SET Fuso A866X38272 
New M191X67071 ME701438 you Fuso overrunning clutch
New U001T33174 ME192951 you Fuso starter switch
New Relay (regulator) Fuso R008T30173 ME077148
New A643X14171 you Fuso bracket S.ASSY, rear -
New A450X20271 SLE1 18 W80 terminal SET Fuso
New U001X33173 ME753465 you Fuso relay
New M191X67585 ME701648 you Fuso overrunning clutch
New SSA512A026A you Fuso fan motor 
New M931X01270 ME753016 bearing Fuso
New M690X00171 ME701001 Bearing SET Fuso
New M648X28271 ME701188 you Fuso brush
New M191X93671 ME753108 you Fuso overrunning clutch
New M690X00771 ME701756 Bearing SET Fuso
New Bearing Fuso M931X01270 × ME753016
New M191X67585 ME701648 you Fuso overrunning clutch
New M191X94271 ME753051 you Fuso overrunning clutch
New M648X40771 ME701466 you Fuso brush
New Super Great for starter switch (relay) Fuso U001T75273 ME353071
New Bearing Isuzu S930P90670 1-81229-769-0
New Terminal SET Isuzu A450X28271 1-81229-804-0
New Coil ASSY Isuzu A299X02270 1-81212-016-0
New Coil ASSY Isuzu A299X04970 -
New Pulley Hino 2080 297 00X0 S2743-11710
New Block relay Hino 0590 011 3214 2830 0-1261
New Block relay Hino 0590 011 3214 2830 0-1231
New Block relay UD Trucks 0590 017 0993 2322 0-Z5514
New Block relay UD Trucks 0590 017 0974 2322 0-Z5513
New Block relay UD Trucks 0590 011 3240 2322 0-30Z02
New Block relay UD Trucks 0590 011 3241 
New Brush UD Trucks M648X40671 23380-0T001
Rebuilt Forklift Alternator Mazda A007T03277A S5SN-18-300A
New Regulator Toyota 27700-54070 026000-4551
Rebuilt Nissan Vanette Nissan alternator LR170-510B 23100-HA300
New A866X49772 ME753119 regulator SET Others
New U001T06372 31166-12102 starter switch (relay) Other
New CM5200 5.6-inch LCD color monitor - Other
New M648X42171 ME701831 Brush Others
New 0590 011 2022 S2830-01201 block relay other
New A860X91970 ME753412 rectifier ASSY other
New 116120-1861 core S / A, heater and other 
New 116120-9530 S8710-71270 heater core other
New 857040-1400 ARM ASSY, WIPER other 
New 857240-0020 BLADE ASSY, WIPER other 
New 502700-2630 8-97174-829-0 heater core other
New 0590 011 2023 2830 0-E0090 relay block other
New 0310 172 0111 400-50554-76 Shimadzu Corporation for 1,7 KW DC motor other
New 0311 102 0110 for Shimadzu 400-50554-72 1KW DC motors other


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